3 Checks: Anti-Catfish, Criminal, Social Media

BrightSwipe pulls live data from over 450 sources nationwide for public records and criminal data to provide three comprehensive checks in real-time.

Anti-Catfish Check

Verify the authenticity of your matches to prove they are who they say they are. The information required to perform this check is first and last name, city, state and year of birth. This allows BrightSwipe to provide an easy to read check that verifies a person’s name, location, age and marital status.


Criminal Check

This Criminal Background Check service provides you with information about your match’s criminal history (Criminal Background Check) using just their first, last name and year of birth. This information allows BrightSwipe to provide you an easy to read report that verifies major crimes such as: abuse, arson, assault and battery, drug trafficking, fraud, fugitive, human rights, weapons possessions, identity theft, kidnapper, murder, organized crime, sex offenses, theft and terrorism.


Social Check

Validate someone’s social media accounts to determine if they are possibly a bot or fraudster. The only information needed is an email or phone number. This allows visibility into their social media presences, which helps prove their legitimacy. You are provided a list of all associated social media accounts including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Skype, Spotify, and many more.


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